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Tattoo Artists/Booking Information

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Trish (She/Her)

Tattoo Artist

After several years of working as a painter and muralist, Trish decided to venture into the world of tattooing and quickly became obsessed! Trish focuses primarily on crisp linework, high contrast, and illustrative styles but is constantly growing and evolving her work. Trish is stoked for the opportunity to continue creating art in the form of tattooing in a community-oriented space in Downtown Kitchener.

To book with Trish, please visit her website,

  • Trish prioritizes flash bookings and custom requests in her style
  • Flash designs are repeatable (for a limited time)
  • Arm and leg placements are preferred (currently not accepting requests for ribs, fingers/hands or feet)
  • Style offerings include black ink, linework, solid black fill
  • Pricing starts at $120, two touch-ups included. Cash or E-transfer only
  • If you are looking to get more than one tattoo, please submit one form only with all the info
  • Trish can typically do 3 tattoos max. in one session (size dependent)

Haley (She/Her),

Tattoo Artist

Haley is originally from Cambridge, and has been tattooing
for 5 years. Haley’s specialty is soft fine line illustrative, specifically in
black and grey. Her favourite subject matter includes nature themed tattoos,
such as plants and insects. In her spare time, you can find her thrifting and
antiquing at local shops, caring for her plants, rocking out to music, or watching

To book with Haley or see her designs, please visit her Instagram page listed above, or follow this link:


Please note that not every request can be accepted due to style differences, skill level, etc.

Tattoos Haley will be prioritizing : Flash, Soft black and grey, illustrative, antiques, creepy/oddities, birds, insects, plants, sculptures, artworks, abstracts, traditional, experimental pieces.

Haley does not accept bookings for tattoos on fingers, feet, neck, or face. No script or cover ups at this time please.

$150 minimum. Cash or e-transfer only

A $60 non-refundable deposit is required for all appointments.